Being raised in the South, Barry’s father would grow these delicious tomatoes in the yard for the whole family to enjoy.  He has fond memories of these yummy summer treats, and wanted to share the seeds with you.  We hope you enjoyed the Seed swap at IJAMS nature center.  Below are some tips to help them grow!

This plant produces an absolute abundance of small to medium sized cherry tomatoes and is resistant to pest and disease. The seeds grow into a tall, upright plant that will require staking.  If there is one tomato plant you grow through the warm season, this is it! 

Best time to Plant
Zone 1: October–December
Zone 2: August–December
Zone 3: August–January
Zone 4: April–July

How about that Dirt?
Tomatoes are very nitrogen- hungry, so prepare the soil by integrating nitrogen-rich pea or broad bean plants into your soil. Or you could, mix compost through your patch about two weeks prior to planting.

Ideal Soil pH Level 5.5–7.5

Choose a sunny, well-drained spot in your patch, preferably a place you haven’t grown tomatoes in the previous season.

How to Plant
Propagate in seed trays. Tomatoes are suitable larger pots, but prefer an in-ground veggie patch. It’s recommended to pinch out the first side shoots to encourage plant growth.

Spacing 40–60 cm

Depth 0.5cm – 1cm